As long as I have lived, I've had a burning desire for animals, and especialle dogs have been close to my heart. Big parts of my childhood were spent with our familys silky terrier, it wasn't until I was 15 years old that I got a dog that was only mine. And since then it has become more than one. I had to try a few breeds before I found the one perfect for me. You'll have to look long and hard for a more versatile dog than the poodle. You can chose between several colours and sizes, and you can use a poodle for about anything you like! Taking walks and cuddeling on the couch, showing, agility, obedience/rallyobedience, tracking, hunting and so on.

In 2005 the first litter here was born, and four little tibetan spaniels came into this world. I aim to breed healthy dogs that are typical for the breed, and with a good temperament. According to the breed standard, a poodle should be of solid colour. I have multicoloured poodles as well, so many people won't agree to call these typical for the breed, but the original poodle was a multicoloured dog, and seen in a lot more colours than those accepted today.

I train with positive reinforcment only, and I use my dogs for showing, agility and obedence, and with time we hope to try tracking and freestyle or heelwork to music. Mainly, they are my everyday companions, who loves a walk in the woods, the mountains or on the beach, or simply relaxing at the couch. The kennel name Fantasires was accepted by the FCI in 2013. From time to time puppies will be born here, with all assumptions to become good pets and working dogs. Feel free to contact me if you would want to become the owner of such a dog :)